We Are A Soul Winning, Bible Preaching,
Fundamental, Independent Baptist Church
 A.the Lord Jesus is so precious
    1.we thank God for His Person, for His message, for His salvation, His atoning sacrifice on Calvary
    2.He is so wonderful, so precious, so lovely; and we want to preach Him, live Him, and make Him known to the lost
 B.while we are for the Lord Jesus, we stand against all false gospels:  TULIP Theology – Galatians 1:6-9
 C.what is TULIP theology
    1.some call it Calvinism; the word TULIP represent the principles that are involved in this theology
       a)"T" is for Total Depravity
       b)”U” is for Unconditional Election
       c)”L” is for Limited Atonement
       d)”I” is for Irresistible Grace
       e)”P” is for Perseverance of the Saints
    2.we are for the Lord Jesus, but we are against TULIP theology; not part of it, not two points of it, not three points
       of it, but all of it.
 A.this theology teaches the total depravity of man, and the total inability of man
    1.there is no question that the Bible teaches we are totally depraved, but it does not teach total inability
    2.there are many passage in the Bible that talks about what terrible sinners we were and are –Ro 3:10-18
 B.the Bible also teaches that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Light of the world, and gives light to every man who comes
    into the world – John 1:6-9
    1.we are born totally depraved, but the Lord Jesus gives enough light to every man to make him responsible for
       rejecting or accepting the Gospel of the Son of God
       a)He gives light in nature and through creation - Romans 1:19-20 [clearly seen, being understood]
       b)He gives light through conscience - Romans 2:11-16 [their conscience also bearing witness]
    2.the Lord Jesus draws all men to Himself – John 12.32 (not a few or some, but all)
    3.the reason that someone does not come to Christ for salvation, is not because they are not one of the elect, or
       chosen, or one of the ordained - John 5:40
    4.they do not come because they “will not” Matthew 11:28, "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."
    1.if we could not respond, we would think that Jesus was making fun of us to invite us to come
    2.praise God, He makes us responsible and makes it possible so that we can come
 D.we believe in total depravity, but we do not believe in the total inability that TULIP theology teaches
 A.we are for the Lord Jesus Christ, but against unconditional election as taught in TULIP theology
    1.this is one of the most horrible things that has ever been taught
    2.they say that when a little baby is conceived in this mother's womb, and another is conceived in that mother's
       womb, that God hates the one and loves the other
    3.when those precious little babies are born, God hates one and loves the other
    4.He will hate the one through all eternity and He will love the other through all eternity
 B.the Bible knows nothing of such a theory; it is not in found anywhere from Genesis to Revelation
    1.if the TULIP theologians are honest, they would go further back and say, "before the foundation of the world,
       God started loving one and hating the other” absurd; that is close to blasphemy against our God
    3.Jesus never said , "Since before the foundation of the world I determined that you would go to Hell; you cannot
       come unto Me" - John 5:40
    4.look at Matthew 23:37, and see how far the TULIP theologians have missed what our God has to say
       a)they would have to rewrite the verse to say, “how often would I have gathered you, but you are not
          unconditionally elected, therefore you will have to go to Hell, there is no hope for you"
       b)He did not say it was ordained or predestined, He did not say they were elected to go to Hell before the
          foundation of the world, He said “ye would not”
       c)that theology did not come out of the Bible – John 3:16
 C.TULIP theologians say that God does not love sinners, but they are wrong
    1.we believe what Jesus said in Mark 10:21 (Jesus, beholding the sinner, loved him)
    2.let the TULIP theologians say what they will about unconditional election, but God says He loves sinners and He
       sent the Lord Jesus Christ to die for sinners
    3.when the Lord Jesus was here on earth He loved sinners, He went home with them, He had supper with them;
       Jesus was known as "a friend of sinners" – Luke 7:34
    4.TULIP theologians are not very friendly toward sinners, but the Lord Jesus is a friend of sinners
    5.Jesus loves sinners, and came to save sinners, because He is a friend of sinners; therefore it is totally unscriptural
       to say there is unconditional election
 D.salvation is always, from Genesis to Revelation, conditional on faith is not the work of merit; it is the condition to salvation
    2.if there is a condition for salvation, we cannot say it is unconditional
    3.there is a condition, the condition is faith; it is not merit, it is not work, but it is a condition
    4.God never saves anybody except they come by faith to the Lord Jesus Christ
 A.we are against TULIP theology which teaches limited atonement
    1.they say that the blood of Christ is not for everybody, just for an elected few
    2.they go further and say that if the blood of Christ is for everybody and everybody does not get saved, then it
       means God failed means no such thing, it means people fail to receive what God provided for them
    4.God provided salvation for sinners everywhere, but if they don't come, God has not failed; people have simply
       limited what God wanted to do for them
    5.TULIP theologians would say, "now we got you, you cannot limit God" - Psalm 78:40-41
 B.the blood of Jesus Christ is for ALL sinners; for EVERY sinner, everywhere
    1.nobody will be at the judgment of the great white throne and delivered forever to Hell, for whom the blood of
       Christ was not shed on the cross - John 1:29
    2."World" means everybody, but the TULIP theologians say it does not
    3.Hebrews 2:9 tells us that Jesus tasted death for every man
    4.Jesus came and died for all men, and He is the Saviour of all men, but He becomes the Savior of only those who
       receive Him - 1 Timothy 4:10
    5.the blood of Christ is shed for everybody - 1 John 2:1-2, Isaiah 53:6
 A.we are against TULIP theology which teaches irresistible grace
    1.such a thing is unheard of in the Bible - Matthew 23:37 TULIP theology language, this verse would say, " how often would I have gathered you, and you are going to
       come, because you can't resist My grace. You have to be saved because I want you to"
    3.there is no irresistible grace there Acts 7:51, it sounds like grace was resisted
 B.TULIP theologians say that the Lord gives a general call and He gives a specific call: "effectual" is what the call it
    1.these theologians are trying to tell us that God is a hypocrite, that He gives a general call and does not mean it
       (sounds like blasphemy to me)
    2.God never issues any calls without meaning them, and there is not such thing as a do not come to me "general
       call" and "effectual call" - Matthew 11:28
       a)when He says, "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heave laden," He means every heavy laden and burdened
          person can come
       b)Jesus is not insincere; God forbid that we should even think it, much less advocate it
 A.we are against TULIP theology which says it is the perseverance of the saints that gets us to Heaven
    1.we are not here today as a Christian because we are persevering
    2.we are here because of the perseverance of the Lord Jesus - Isaiah 41:10
    3.the charismatic and holiness crowd talk about holding on and holding out, but we cannot hold on and hold out; it
       is Jesus who holds us
    4.we are held by the right arm of His righteousness, and praise God, He will never fail
 B.we got saved by the power of Jesus Christ; and are kept by the power of Jesus Christ; and we are going to Heaven
    by the power of Jesus Christ, not by the by our own perseverance - Deuteronomy 33:27
    1.Jesus said, "No man is able to pluck them out of My hand," that does not sound like our perseverance
    2.Jude 1 is a very interesting verse about perseverance
    3.1 Peter 1:5 says we are kept by the power of God and not the power of self
 C.some would say that if we are not a Five-Point Calvinist, and we believe that the blood of Christ is for everybody,
    we have to be an Arminian
    1.a thousand times no, we are not Arminian; we do not help God save us, God does it totally and altogether by
       Himself is true the Arminians believe that the blood is for all, but they have certain additives along with the blood
       a)the Arminians believe that you must have the blood, plus certain dos and don'ts, and when you lose the dos and
          don'ts, you have lost your salvation
       b)this means they are depending on the dos and don't, and not the blood
       c)we believe that we are saved by the blood of Christ and saved forever; it is totally a work of God
       d)do not let anybody say that you must be an Arminian or a Five-Point Calvinist; if you are a Bible-believing
          Christian, you will not be either one
       e)we had the Bible a long time before there was a John Calvin or there was an Arminius; both of them are wrong
          on the subjects with which we have been dealing
 D.when we get to Heaven, we will not be able to brag on self, because it is totally a work of the Lord Jesus
    1.we were lost, no-good, Hell-deserving sinner, without God and without hope
    2.God gave us something for nothing; the grace of God is beyond our comprehension
 E.we are for the Lord Jesus Christ, and we are against TULIP theology
John 5:36-47