1 Samuel 1:9-28; 2:11-18


I.Intro. I would like to spend some time talking about being a godly father, and being a biblical model of a man

B.true biblical manhood requires being a model

1.modeling godly CHARACTER

2.modeling godly CONVICTIONS

3.modeling godly COMMITMENTS one has ever been given the opportunity to choose his or her father; God has decided that for us

1.some children are fortunate to have had a father who modeled biblical manhood for them:  godly character, convictions, and commitments

2.most children do not get that opportunity

D.every husband, who ever found himself standing in a delivery room, holding a newborn baby, has probably found himself saying, "What in the world do I do now?!"

1.they probably did not say it out loud, for they did not want their wife to panic after what she had been through, but they thought it

2.most of us learn how to be a father through on-the-job training the time we have a few things mastered, the subject of our experiments are gone

E.being a godly man is a goal, but it is not a completely achievable goal is more like a passionate pursuit

2.we should notice what the great apostle Paul, who was a model of godliness, once wrote in Phil 3:12

II.what does it look like to MODEL godly character, godly convictions, and godly commitments

A.most of the examples in the Bible, teach us what NOT to do our text we meet a man named Eli, who should have been a model, but was not

1.he was considered to be the most spiritual man in Israel, for He was both a judge and priest

2.those two roles were combined in a man, who should have been a godly model; a godly father, not only to his children, but to his entire generation

C.the first glimpse of a family disaster is found 1 Samuel 2:12

1.Eli's sons were priests; they spent their days handling the thing of God, they spent their days ordering and arranging the offerings and the sacrifices

2.the text states that Eli’s sons were the "sons of Belial"

a)”Belial” means without profit, worthlessness, evil, naughty, ungodly, wicked

b)it is used in the OT of lying, dishonest, scoundrels - 1 Kings. 21:10

c)it is used for those who practice drunkenness; Eli accused Hannah of being "a daughter of Belial" thinking she was under the influence in 1 Samuel 1:16, 14

d)it was used for those who practiced sodomy - Judges 19:22

3.the text also states, “they knew not the LORD”

a)they managed the things of God, but they DID NOT know God

b)they could talk about God, but they DID NOT care about God

c)they knew the duties of their office by God's Word, but they DID NOT listen to the Word of God

d)they could lead people in the worship of God, but they DID NOT love God

4.Eli and his sons were a model of ungodly manhood ungodly manhood was modeled by the sons of Eli

A.the sons of Eli modeled GREED and DISHONESTY – 1 Samuel 2:13-17

1.according to the Law, the priests were to receive the breast, shoulder; two cheeks, and the maw            - Deuteronomy 18:3; Leviticus 7:31-34

2.the sons of Eli were not satisfied with their God appointed wages, they sent their servants out to put a huge fork into the pot and took whatever meat they wanted – 13-14 addition, they took the fat that was to burned on the altar to God – 15-16

4.Eli's sons had converted the priesthood into a form of organized crime

5.the sons of Eli openly modeled greed and dishonesty

B.the sons of Eli modeled immorality and arrogance - 1 Samuel 2:22

1.this is pretty self-explanatory; how utterly corrupt and disgraceful this was, and hypocritical

2.these men knew God's Word, as did the women who served with them

3.they were supposed to be serving God, yet they were involved in gross immorally with the very women who worked with them in this service

C.this is recorded to show us how Eli was a failure as a father

1.a godly father can have an ungodly son; the OT is filled with instances

2.we cannot make our child a spiritual person; that is the work of the Holy Spirit

3.these men were leading in worship, but they were frauds; they were spiritual hypocrites ungodly manhood was modeled by Eli

A.after reading these verses about such ungodly sons, we may wonder, “where in the world is Eli, their father?!”; how shocking it is discover that Eli was there all along

B.Eli modeled spiritual apathy - 1 Samuel 2:22

1.the word "heard" indicates that he heard intelligently, understandably and witnessed hearing it time and time again

a)he heard about it enough to know what was going on

b)Eli had been hearing about his sons' immorality, greed, and ungodly behavior over an extended period of time; so he finally speaks - 1 Samuel 2:23-24

2.Eli should have stripped them of their role as priests

3.according to the Law, he could have had them stoned to death, for their mockery of God, His Law and their gross violations of their office

a)instead, he says naughty, naughty and allows his sons to continue ripping off the people, and fornicating with women, while the whole nation suffers

b)Eli had heard, but he stubbornly placed his hands over his ears and closed his eyes for decades; Eli consistently refused to discipline his sons

c)Eli was not inconsistent with disciplining his sons, he consistently refused to discipline his sons

4.the truth is, Eli never really tried to correct and discipline his boys - 1 Samuel 3:12-13

a)God held Eli responsible, but for what; for the sins of his sons – NO; God held him responsible for refusing to confront their sin

b)the word "restrained" carries the idea of being weak or failing to do the appropriate action; Eli did not scold, chide, rebuke, or correct in any manner

c)instructing children means confronting sin, restraining evil, challenging disobedience, and bringing about disciplinary correction

5.the godly father will models godly character, convictions, and commitments

a)he is a man who is willing to set the standard, enforce the standard, and model the standard

b)he is a man who is willing to confront when the standard is violated

c)he is a man who is willing to personally confess when he himself fails to meet the standard

6.a godly man will resist passiveness

a)a godly man gets involved with his world, his family, his children, and his church

b)a godly man refuses the urge to be a spiritual couch potato; a spiritual dead beat

c)a godly man shuns apathy (lack of concern, lack of interest, indifference)

C.Eli modeled HYPOCRISY, and this was perhaps the most devastating thing to his sons - 1 Samuel 2:29

1.Eli was eating the "chiefest" or best cuts of meat, that his sons were bringing home

2.Eli’s sons disregarded their father because while he was saying, " you should not be doing that" he was also saying, “Ahh, that's my favorite piece”

3.NOTHING more destructive than hypocrisy in the life of a man; Eli should have returned the meat to the tabernacle for sacrifice, but instead he ate it along with his sons

4.perhaps the reason our children doe not care about the things of God, is because we do not

5.Eli was no different than his sons, and his sons were no different than he was

D.our nation is in desperate need of godly men who will model godly character, convicion and commitment; modeling godliness for all to see