Colossians 3:1-4


I.Intro. Paul tells the Colossian believers that their “life is hid with Christ in God”

1.those saints might of asked, “when will that hidden life be revealed; when will that life of glory be manifested”  (Paul’s answer is in verse 4)

2.these words speak of a time when the glorious life of believers shall be manifested, and that time is when Christ shall appear in glory

II.why all believers shall at last appear glorious

A.all believers shall at last appear glorious because they shall be married to the Lamb - Revelation 19:6-8 this life believers are promised to be married to the Lord Jesus; but this marriage will not take place until this day, when the saints shall appear in their glory

2.God the Father has put off this glorious marriage until this day, when the believers soiled garments shall be taken off, and their glorious robes shall be put on

3.then God Himself shall be more fully and gloriously present among all His children; when that spiritual marriage between His Son and believers take place

B.believers at last shall appear glorious because they shall all appear as crowned kings believers are kings elected, but then we shall all appear as kings crowned believers have a crown in waiting, but then we shall have a crown in our possession

3.the Lord will set it upon our heads - 2 Timothy 4:7-8

4.then angels and devils and murderers shall say, “here is the man that God is pleased to honor”

C.believers shall appear glorious at last, because their glorious appearance will greatly honor and glorify of the Lord Jesus

1.the more glorious the body is, the more it makes for the glory of the head

2.the more glorious the bride is, the more it makes for the glory of the bridegroom

3.the greater our glory, the glory of His power, wisdom, and goodness will appear glorious

D.we shall appear glorious at the that day, so that there will be fitness between the head and the members

1.what an uncomely thing would it be, to see the head all of fine gold, and the hands of iron, and the feet of clay

2.what an uncomely thing would it be to see the bridegroom in all His glorious apparel, and the bride in her rags

3.when Christ came first, He came clothed with flesh, and was looked upon as one that had no form nor comeliness nor beauty, that men should desire him - Isaiah 53:2-3

4.when He shall “appear the second time without sin unto salvation,” then He shall appear glorious; and so shall all His saints

E.believers shall appear glorious, so that the wicked will justify the goodness and mercy of God in His dealings towards His own people

1.many do not even believe that there is a God - Job 21:14-15

2.many say that it is vain to serve God - Malachi 3:14

3.when they look upon the sorrows, miseries, and evils that happened the saints in this world, they thought it was madness and folly to do righteously as they do

4.the world reckons the believers to be a company of mad and foolish people who refrain from evil

a)God will have His people to appear glorious at last, so that the mouths of the ungodly may be stopped, so that they may glorify God for His goodness and mercy towards His own people

b)when they see those whom they counted as monsters and unworthy to live in this world, with crowns on their heads, and glorious robes on their backs, they will know who the true fools were

c)then will the ungodly men gnash their teeth, and say, “we thought them fools and madmen, that walked with God; but now we see ourselves as the only mad ones”

F.believers shall appear glorious because they shall be employed in a glorious work - 1 Corinthians 6:2-3

1.there is coming a day when the saints shall appear glorious, and pass a righteous sentence upon the ungodly

2.the day is coming when those who have been persecuted, murdered, and destroyed, by the unbelievers of this world; shall sit upon thrones and judge this world

3.they shall be employed in a glorious service, in judging the wicked world, no matter how much they have been scoffed at and despised here

III.since we shall live gloriously some day, we should live gloriously now – Colossians 3:1-2

A.we should strive to be glorious now, because we shall appear so glorious at last

1.our words should be more glorious, our thoughts of God should be more glorious, our conversations should be more glorious, our actions towards God and man should be more glorious

2.the day is coming when we shall appear glorious, we shall excel the sun in glory; therefore we should labor now to shine in glory

B.other motive to live gloriously now

1.consider what the Lord has already done for us, and how glorious it is; therefore do gloriously for God

a)He has made our ugly inside glorious, and He has made our ugly outside glorious

b)God has gloriously pardoned us, and has gloriously justified us

c)God has gloriously protected us from corruption, and gloriously strengthened us against temptations, and gloriously supported us under afflictions

d)God has gloriously delivered us from the designs and plots of treacherous evildoers

2.when we consider that the greatest part of the world acts wickedly against God; we have all the more reason to live gloriously for God - 1 John 5:19

a)”the whole world lieth in wickedness” signifies a desire and an endeavor to work wickedness

b)the more base and vile they are, the more glorious the saints should be

3.consider that the more gloriously we act for God here, the more glorious we shall be hereafter -Galatians 6:7, 2 John 8, Matthew 19:27-30

a)suffering saints for Christ shall have weighty crowns set upon their heads

b)murdered saints for Christ shall have double crowns set upon their heads

c)the more gloriously any man acts for God here, the more comfort, peace and joy that man will have on this side of heaven

(1)this is only an earnest payment of the happiness, peace, comfort, and sweetness that the soul shall have when we appear in His glory

(2)it is not the faithless Christian, the loose talking Christian, that has much joy and peace, and the most full discoveries of God here; but the most glorious-acting Christian

4.Consider that if we do not act in a glorious manner for God, none in the world will

a)of all the people in the world, we that are believers have the greatest cause to act gloriously for God

b)God hath done more for us than for the entire world

c)we not only have the greatest cause to do gloriously for God, but we have the finest principles that enable us to do gloriously for God:  knowledge, wisdom, power, faith, and zeal

d)as we have the finest principles, we also have the sweetest experience to motivate us to do gloriously for God

(1)has not God knocked at our doors, when He has passed by the doors of thousands

(2)has not grace rewarded us, when wrath has broken forth upon thousands

(3)has not God caressed us, when He has trampled others under His feet

e)if we will not act gloriously for God, who will do people act gloriously for God act gloriously when they do things that others refuse to do, that others have no heart to do, that others are afraid to do for God

1.David acted gloriously, when he engaged Goliath

2.others were afraid to do it, others had no heart to do it

3.some men turn from the work and say, “it is too hard, it is too high, it is too rough, it is too dangerous, or there is a lion in the way”

B.when men serve their generation, not withstanding the discouragements that may befall them, this is to act gloriously - Psalms 44:17-19 is nothing for a man to serve his generation when he has the wind and tide on his side is the glory of a Christian to be faithful in his generation in spite of discouragements, then he does gloriously do gloriously, when the end of their doings is the glory of God and the general good of mankind

1.we will never do gloriously when we make ourselves the end of our actions save our own necks, and to advance our own interest, are unworthy actions do gloriously when they rejoice under sufferings that befall them for Christ - 2 Corinthians 12:10 do gloriously when they side with the people of God, notwithstanding any evil and danger that may befall them - Hebrews 11:24-26 do gloriously when they believe the promises and rest on the promises, even when reason seems to be against the promises - Romans 4:18-21

V.if we want to act in a glorious manner, there are some things that we must be careful to take heed of

A.if we want to do gloriously, we must take heed of unbelief; nothing in this world will hinder us more

B.if we want to do gloriously, we must not consult with the tempting and persecuting world

C.if we want to do gloriously, we must keep our eyes on Christ

D.if we want to do gloriously, we must take heed of base, selfish ends; and take heed of self-love