Deuteronomy 15:12-17



A.there was a law among the Hebrews that for poverty or debt a man might become the servant of another

1.the law stated that he could not be held in servitude beyond a certain period the end of six years, he must be allowed to go free

3.if he loved his master and preferred to remain with him as his slave, then the master, in the presence of judges was to place the man against a door or door post and bore a hole through his ear

a)this mark was a symbol that said he was his master's servant-slave forever

b)it was not the slavery of compulsion and law, but the willing and glad slavery of love

B.this was the voluntary attitude of Paul and Timotheus and James and Peter - Phil 1:1, Jam 1:1, 2 Pet 1:1

1.the word “servant” means a slave

2.Jesus had won them by love

a)they had sat at the feet of the Great Servant, who came not to be served, but to serve

b)Jesus came to minister to others, and to give His life a ransom for all

c)they had seen how He gave Himself to the poor, the weary, the heavy laden, the vile, the sinful, and the unthankful

3.they had seen Him "wounded for our transgressions, ...bruised for our iniquities", chastised for our peace, and stricken that we might be healed

a)their hearts were both yielded and broken because of the great love they had witnessed in Him

(1)they were no longer free to come and go as they pleased, but only as He willed

(2)the chains of love held them, and the burning passion of love constrained them – 2 Cor 5:14

b)such bondage and service became to them the most perfect liberty – John 8:36

(1)their only joy was to do those things that were pleasing in His sight

(2)they had been set at liberty to do this, their freedom was complete

(3)only those who are truly free are able to always do that which pleases Him

II.the life of a love slave

A.the love-slave has no pleasure like that of serving his master

1.this is his joy, and his "crown of rejoicing"

2.the love-slave is altogether at his master's service

a)he only has eyes for his master, so he watches

b)he only has ears for his master, so he listens

c)his mind is willing, his hands are ready, and his feet are swift to run on his errands

d)he loves to sit at the master's feet and look into his face, to listen to his voice and catch his words

e)he is willing to share his master’s hardships and sorrows

f)he continually guards his honor, praises his name, defends his person, and seeks and promote his interests

g)if needs be, he is ready to die for his sake

3.this is the joy of the slave of love, and this he counts as his perfect freedom

B.the love-slave finds his master’s yoke easy and his burden light - Matthew 11:30

1.the love-slave yoke is the yoke of love, and it is easy; love makes it easy

2.his burden is the burden of love, and it is light; love makes it light the sinner, the yoke looks intolerable, and the burden looks unbearable those who have become love-slave of the Master, His yoke is the badge of freedom, and His burden gives wings to the soul

5.this is holiness; this is wholeness of consecration and devotion; this is singleness of eye

C.the love-slave has no fear is perfect love which casts out fear - 1 John 4:18

2.the love slave does not fear the master, for he has joy in the master's will

a)Jesus said, "Not My will, but Thine be done" - Luke 22:42

b)Job said, "Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him" - Job 13:15

3.there can be no fear where there is perfect love

a)this heart purity is accomplished by the power of a new and controlling affection and purpose

b)sin and selfishness are consumed on the hot fires of this great love

c)this is religion made easy

d)this is God's Kingdom come, and His will done, on earth as it is in Heaven

e)even the angels can do no more, than to serve God with this unselfish and passionate love

D.the love-slave is gentle, patient, and kind

1.the love-slave deals with all the children of the household, and all the other slaves in this manner for his master’s sake

2.because they are dear and valuable to the master, they are dear and valuable to him for the master's sake

3.he is ready to lay down his life to serve them, even as he would serve the master

4.this was the spirit of Paul - Philippians 2:17

5.this was also the spirit of Queen Esther - Esther 4:16 [if I perish, I perish]

a)the slave of love counts not his life dear unto himself - Acts 20:24

b)the life of the love-slave belongs to his master

E.the interests of the master is the love-slaves interests

1.he has no other interest; he wants no other; he will have no other

2.the love-slave cannot be bribed by gold or honors

3.he would rather suffer and starve for his master, than to feast at another's table

4.the love-slave would speak as Ruth did - Ruth 1:16-17 shall we enter into this sweet and gentle, and yet all powerful bondage of love

A.the answer: by our own choice, and by God's revelation of Himself to our soul

1.if our love to Him is presently a very poor and powerless thing, it is because we do not know Him; we do not draw near enough to see His beauty the men of this world, He is not beautiful; for they have not sought to see Him

3.we must let Him show Himself to us, so that we may fall in love with Him

B.Paul had seen His glory and been blinded by it

1.the other Apostles had lived with Him and walked at His side; they loved Him because they knew Him so well

2.this was the reason they could make the great decision to become His love-slave Moses they chose to suffer affliction with the people of God, rather than the pleasures of sin for a season; esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt - Heb 11:25-26

4. SO WE MUST CHOOSE; the choice must be complete, and it must be final a love-slave we must wait upon the Master

1.if He is silent, we must watch

2.when He speaks, we must listen

3.what He says to us, we must do

4.His will is recorded in His Word

a)search the Scriptures; meditate therein day and night

b)hide His Word in our heart, and be not forgetful

c)take time to seek Him

5.can we imagine a slave being too busy to wait on his master, and to find out His wishes

a)take time, find time, make time to seek the Lord, and He will be found

b)He will reveal Himself to our longing, loving soul; and we shall know the sweet compulsions of the slavery that is love