Ephesians 2:2-3



A.the word “conversation” means manner of life, social relationships's basic nature has been affected by sin

2.this nature has caused us to be the children of wrath, which means deserving of wrath nature man thinks that the things of God are foolishness - 1 Corinthians 2:14

1. “the natural man” refers to the animal man, one who lives in a natural state, and under the influence of his animal passions

2.”natural” means the inferior and sensual part of man, in opposition to the understanding or the spiritual

C.every man without Christ lives in the natural state, which is the lower, sensual or bestial nature we want to look at some particular attributes of a man without Christ

II.every man without Jesus Christ is a base man, that is from the bottom or lowest part

A.though we are of the offspring of princes or nobles, we do not have the royal blood of Jesus Christ running in our veins, therefore we are a base person Isaiah 32:6 we read of a vile person; such is every man without Christ is only Christ who can remove the baseness in which all of us are by nature is Jesus Christ who puts a diamond of honor and glory upon men

C.there are three ways in which all men are base, who are without Jesus Christ

1.they come from a base origin

a)they do not have their origin from the Spirit, but from the flesh

b)they do not proceed from God who is the Father of lights, but from the devil who is the prince of darkness – John 8:42-44

2.they commit base actions

a)all the actions and services of a Christ-less man, at best, are but as filthy rags and dead works

b)a man, in his unconverted state, is the slave and worker of the devil

c)they are workers of wickedness, still fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind, being given over to vile affections

3.they aim at base ends

a)in this world he aims at base ends in his hearing, reading, praying, and profession of religion; he minds himself and his own ends in all that he does

b)as the actions of a man in Christ tend to commendation, so the actions of a Christ-less man tend to condemnation

III.a man without Christ is a bondman - John 8:36

A.this suggest that if we do not have an interest in Christ, then we are in slavery

B.this bondage and slavery exist in three particulars areas

1.slaves to sin

a)every Christ-less man is a slave to sin - John 8:34, 2 Peter 2:19

b)every man, by nature, is a slave to his lusts, a slave to sin, and to the creatures

c)God made man to rule over all the creatures, but man has made himself servant to all the creatures

2.slaves to the devil - 2 Timothy 2:25-26

3.slaves to the law

a)a man without Christ is in bondage to the law, but he does nothing in obedience to the law; and this is the great misery of a man without Christ

b)he is bound to keep the whole law of God, though he hates it

IV.a man without Jesus Christ is a beggarly man

A.all the treasures of grace and mercy are hid and locked up in Christ - Colossians 2:3

1.those who are without Christ have nothing - Revelation 3:17

B.a man is poor and beggarly who lacks four things

1.a man is poor and beggarly who has no meat for his belly

a)all those who have no interest in Jesus Christ are beggarly, because they do not feed upon the bread of life, nor drink of the water of life, which is the Lord Jesus Christ – John 6:35

b)without these our soul will starve for hunger

2.a man is poor and beggarly who has no clothes for his back

a)every man out of Christ is not only poor, but naked - Revelation 3:17

b)that man who is not clothed with the robes of Christ's righteousness is a naked man, and is exposed to the wrath and vengeance of Almighty God

c)those who are clothed with the robes of Christ's righteousness, are men who have a cloak to cover their sinful nakedness and shame

3.a man is poor and beggarly who has no money for his purse - Revelation 3:17 [poor]

a)though our purses are full of gold, if our hearts are not full of grace, we are very beggarly men        - Luke 16:11

b)grace is the only source of all true riches; all durable riches are bound up in Christ

4.a man is poor and beggarly who has not a house to put his head in

a)those who have no interest in Christ, when their days are expired and death comes, they will not know what to do, nor where to go

b)they cannot say that Christ has gone before them to prepare a place for them in heaven

c)the only habitation that a man without Christ has is a dungeon of darkness with devils and foul spirits

V.a man without Christ is a blind man - John 8:12

A.light is come into the world, but men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil         - John 3:19

B.Jesus Christ is to the soul, what the sun is to the earth

1.take away the sun from the earth and it is nothing but a dungeon of darkness

2.take away Christ from the soul and it is nothing but a dungeon of the devil

3.though Christ is in the world, if our heart is shut and Jesus Christ is not in us, we are in a state of darkness and blindness

VI.a man without Christ is a man without comfort

A.Christ is the only spring of comfort, and the fountain of all joy and consolation

1.take Christ away from the soul, and it is as if the sun was taken out of the sky

2.if a man has all the blessings in the world and lacks Christ, he lacks that which would sweeten all the rest of his discomforts

3.Christ sweetens the bitterness of any outward affliction, and He can make all our sorrows flee away     - 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

B.having Christ in our hearts enables us to live comfortably

1.without Christ, all our comforts will crosses, and all our mercies will be miseries

2.though we have an abundance of the things of this life, though we have more than enough, yet if we do not have Christ, we have nothing

VII.a man without Christ is a dead man - 1 John 5:12, Ephesians 2:1

A.take Christ away from a man and his life is take away; he is nothing but a dead lump of flesh without Christ are strangers to the life of godliness

1.if the life that we live is not by faith in the Son of God, we is spiritually dead

2.we know that a dead man feels nothing; do what you will to him, he does not feel it it is with a man who is spiritually dead, he does not feel the weight of his sins, though they are a heavy burden pressing him down into the pit of hell

4.the man without Christ is past feeling, given over to a reprobate sense, so that he does not feel the weight and burden of all his sins

C.a dead man has a title to nothing here in this life

1.though he may of been rich, yet he loses his title to everything, and his riches go from him to another

2.being spiritually dead, they can lay claim to nothing, neither to grace nor mercy, heaven or happiness by Jesus Christ

3.a man who is spiritually dead falls from one sin to another, until at last he drops down into hell fire

VIII.a man without Christ is a condemned man - John 3:18

A.he is as surely condemned as if he were in hell already

1.he who is without Jesus Christ must go without heaven, for heaven and glory and happiness are only for those who have Christ

2.those who are without Christ must go without heaven, and without happiness and salvation, but must be condemned that we have looked at these attributes of the man without Christ, we see what a sad and miserable condition every Christ-less man is in

C.we have looked at these attributes so that every Christ-less man might be provoked to a holy eagerness and earnestness of spirit, to get Jesus Christ