Romans 9:23-26



A.a man’s true life and true history begins with his conversion

1.up until that time, he is a being without a history; he has no story to tell

2.before conversion, he is only a part of a world lying in wickedness, having nothing about him worthy to record

B.from the moment a person is born again, and taken out of the mass of humanity, he receive a personality as well as a dignity which fits him for having a history

1.a history which God can accept, and which He will record

2.from that time we have a story to tell; a wondrous and divine story, such as angels listen to, and over which there is joy in heaven

C.from the moment that we came out of the mass and obtained a personality, we have a story to tell, a story of our own, a story of splendor and beauty

1.a history entirely marvelous; a history whose pages are both written and read in heaven; a history which in its divine brightness spreads over eternity

2.each event in our life becomes worthy of a record - Psalms 112:6

D.on earth this history is one of suffering and dishonor, even as that of our Master

1.hereafter, in the kingdom, it is one of glory and honor

2.from the soul’s conversion, God has been at work upon it, shaping it, polishing it, spreading His own glory on it, adorning it with glory last the whole work will be revealed, the curtain will be drawn aside, and our new history begins

E.what that history is to be, we know not now

1.that it will be wondrous, we know; how wondrous we cannot conceive

2.that it will be very unlike our present one, we know; but it will not be severed from our present one, but linked to it, and springing out of it as its root or seed

3.our present life is the under-ground state of the plant; our future life, the shooting, and blossoming, and fruit bearing

4.the plant is the same, but the future excellence and beauty depends upon the present

5.if life on earth, in all its various forms, is so beautiful, what will it be hereafter, when it unfolds itself to the full

F.we are being “prepared unto glory” - Romans 9:23

1.the wise shall inherit glory - Proverbs 3:35

2.the saints shall be joyful in glory - Psalms 149:5

3.we are called unto God’s eternal glory - 1 Peter 5:10

4.salvation in Christ Jesus comes with eternal glory - 2 Tim 2:10

5.God will bring many sons to glory - Hebrews 2:10

G.this glory is our portion

1.this is the “better thing” that God has provided for us

2.this is the glory that throws all present suffering into the shade, making it to be eternally forgotten

II.glory is the essence of all that is holy, excellent, and beautiful

A.everything has its more and its less perfect parts objects glory is that which is most perfect about it

2.light is the glory of the sun; the flower is the glory of the plant; the face is the glory of the body

3.this glory is strangely manifold - 1 Corinthians 15:41

B.what is really glorious is so hidden, so wrecked, and so intermixed with deformity and corruption here, that Scripture always speaks as if none of it yet revealed

1.when Jesus came to earth who was the brightness of God’s glory, He was not recognized as the possessor of such glory; it was hidden; it shone not

2.Few eyes saw any glory at all in Him; none saw the extent or greatness of it

C.all that is glorious, whether visible or invisible, material or immaterial, natural or spiritual, must have its birth-place in God - Romans 11:36

1.all glorious things come forth out of Him, and have their seeds, or patterns in Him

2.we say that a flower is beautiful; but the type of its beauty is in God, the beauty of which it is a faint expression is in God

3.we say that a star is bright; but the brightness which it represents or declares is in God it is with every object above and beneath - Revelation 21:10-11 [Having the glory of God]

III.glory is our inheritance

A.the best, the richest, the brightest, and the most beautiful of all that is in God, shall be ours

1.the glory that fills heaven above, the glory that spreads over the earth beneath, shall be ours faith we have taken our place amid the things that are heavenly - Ephesians 2:5-6

3.this heavenly glory is ours, as the redeemed and the risen in Christ the midst of that heavenly glory shall be the family mansion, our true home for eternity

B.all that awaits us is glorious

1.there is an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away - 1 Peter 1:3-4

2.there is a rest in store for us (Hebrews 4:9); and this rest shall be glorious (Isaiah 11:10)

3.the kingdom which we claim is a glorious kingdom; the crown which we are to wear is a glorious crown; the city of our habitation is a glorious city

4.our bodies shall be glorious bodies, fashioned after the likeness of Christ’s glorious body - Phil 3:21

C.then the fruit of patience and faith shall appear, and the hope we have long clung to shall appear

1.then shall we be avenged of death, and pain, and sickness; then shall every wound be more than healed

2.then there will be no more curse, there will be no more night

3.then the tabernacle of God will be with us; in that tabernacle He dwells, and we dwell with Him

4.when the chief Shepherd appears, we shall receive a crown of glory that fades not away - 1 Peter 5:4

D.all happiness and consolation that the world has is but a poor imitation of ours

1.ours is real, even now; how much more hereafter

2.a brief delay and a sore conflict will not lessen the weight of our coming glory

3.they will add to it; and it is worth waiting for, it is worth suffering for, it is worth fighting for is so sure of coming, and so blessed when it comes

IV.Christ is our hope of glory - Colossians 1:27 indwelling Christ is our earnest, our pledge, our hope of glory

1.having Him, we have all that is His, whether present or to come

2.He is the link that binds together the here and the hereafter

3.we died with Him, rose with Him, and our life is now hid with Him in God

4.when Christ appears, then shall we also appear with Him in glory - Colossians 3:3-4

B.our faith in Christ gives us a joy that is “unspeakable and full of glory,” or a “glorified joy” - 1 Peter 1:8

1.a joy which makes the soul feel as if it were already compassed about with glory

2.Jesus had joy set before Him, and for this He endured the cross - Hebrews 12:2

3.He needed it, and so do we; He found in it strength for the bearing the cross and enduring the shame

4.the path He trod is the same that is given us to tread, so the strength is to be found where our forerunner found it

5.there is joy in store for us, even as for Him; joy not only like His own, but His very own joy

6.this will help us to bear the cross with all its weight and sharpness; it will often lighten it so that we do not even feel its pressure is most needful that we comprehend these glimpses of what God has given us, of what we are yet to be is important to do so for the relief of the burdened spirit is necessary to do so for the health of our soul is vitally important to do so for our growth in grace, and for enabling us to press on with cheerful energy in the path of service