2 Samuel 11:1-13



A.our text tell of the sad story of the sin of King David

1.David fell into temptation because he did not go into battle with the rest of his countrymen - 1

2.someone close to David tried to stop this awful deed - 3 make a long story short, David told Joab to put Uriah in the heat of the battle with all the valiant men, then withdraw from him

4.the enemy bowman shot Uriah the Hittite and he died; he was murdered by a government cover-up

B.after having Uriah killed, he took Bathsheba to be his wife - 2 Samuel 11:27

1.we notice that God was displeased with David’s actions cover up his sin, David called Uriah home from the battle, so that he would spend some time with his wife – 6; 8

3.Uriah would not go down to his house as long as his countryman were in on the frontline –11 I want to talk about some reasons for going or remaining on the frontlines

1.God gives us a helmet of salvation, a breastplate of righteousness, a shield of faith and a sword because we are in a war

2.King David, a fine Bible character, is usually cast in a good light

a)in this passage, David had sinned by committing immorality with a woman named Bathsheba

b)because she was married, David attempted to cover up his sin by bring Uriah home

3.David did not take into consideration the strong, godly character of this young officer

a)Uriah is in the list of thirty-plus men who were David’s mighty men - 2 Samuel 23:39

b)though David had Uriah killed, he still had the heart to list Uriah there because he was a mighty man of valor

D.because Uriah was a Hittite, he had obviously turned his back on the false gods of his father to serve the one and only true God

1.Uriah married a beautiful young Jewish girl named Bathsheba

2.he joined the army and quickly moved up through the ranks, and eventually became the neighbor of the king

3.his conversion experience was such a life-changing decision that he became a red-hot patriot, anxious to fight the battles of his king and for his country Uriah’s surprise, David offered this valiant soldier what most soldier only dreams of:  time with family

E.Urian saw and fought for something bigger than the king saw

1.Uriah realized that a battle was raging; he wanted to return to the front line; he desired to be where the battle was hot

2.there is a battle that is still raging in our world today

a)Satan is as alive as he has ever been; he is fighting as hard as he has ever fought

b)as Bible-believing Christians, we are in the fight of our lives

(1)casualties are mounting, as we fail to reproduce ourselves

(2)folks are quitting on God right in the middle of the battle:  some are tired, some are apathetic, some have wrong priorities, and some are even switching sides

c)fundamental Christians are needed on the front line, more than ever before

d)it is not time to retreat; it is time to return to the front line

(1)we need more missionaries, evangelist, preachers, soul-winners, and church planters

(2)we need godly parents who are willing to teach their children the old-time religion, instead of what is popular

(3)we need parents who will teach girls to be girls, and boys to be boys

(4)we need preachers who will oppose the worldliness that is creeping into the churches

e)many say, “I get tired of being the bad guy. I have too much at stake to be outspoken.”

(1)truth is, we have too much at stake not to be outspoken; we have too much at stake not to return to the front line

(2)many say, “Why should I risk my popularity? I’m saved. I’m on my way to Heaven. Give me one good reason why I should give up my free time to serve God.”


A.Uriah said, “As long as the ark of God is out there, he would not sit back to eat, drink and be merry”         - 2 Samuel 11:11

B.our faith is being attacked in our country, and for this reason we cannot stay home

1.the government is after our churches; Hollywood is after our kids; sodomites are after the pure lifestyle of our country; the media is trying to make us look like idiots

2.humanists are trying to steal the very heart and soul of America

C.since the world and the devil are attacking our faith, it is not a time for us to sit around

1.we have the truth, and it is time to take a stand; it is time to be on the front line

2.our Bible, our morals and our freedom of worship are being attacked

a)if it gets to where they can take our guns, they will come and get our Bibles also

b)we would not be the first nation that has fallen

D.the same thing that closed churches in other countries, will close them in this country

1.we have liberty in America because men have bled and died on the battlefield for it

2.we have our spiritual liberty because of the godly teachers, preachers, and Christian workers who carried the torch high in previous generations

3.they lived and died, sweat and bled, to give us what we have today


A.Uriah said, “The ark and Israel were out there;” his nation was at war with her enemies - 11

B.we are at war in America; some of that war is being waged inside our border

1.50 years ago it was illegal to burn our flag

2.50 years ago a communist was a communist; now they have access to the Pentagon

3.50 years ago the sodomites were not in office, and if they were, we didn’t know about it

4.50 years ago people valued human life, and abortion was illegal

a)now we kill babies and sell their tissue for profit and research; God help us

b)we are in a holy war

5.50 years ago the youth of America had values; now drive-by shootings and other crimes rule our streets

C.this is our country that we are talking about; we are in a battle

1.missionaries can teach the Bible in a Scotland school, but we cannot even pray in an American school, there is something sadly wrong with this picture

2.we need to return to the front line, before this whole thing called America sinks


A.Uriah said, “The ark is out there, my nation is out there, and Judah is out there” - 11

1.when Uriah said, “Judah is out there,” he was saying, “I have relatives out there, who are under attack”

B.many may not think it is their job is to defend and fight for the Bible, nor to fight for their church, nor to fight for their country is our fight, though we are not convince it is

2.why do God’s people leave the front line of fighting the good fight of faith, just sit around, when the spiritual welfare of their children is on the line

C.if we love our family, we should be concerned about the kind of America our children will grow up in

1.we have rights and freedoms now, because men of the past fought, bled and died for them

2.we are able to worship here, because men of the past have fought the good fight of faith

3.we all should be doing our part, so that our family can serve and worship God until Jesus comes the world sees the front line of the church weaken, our family will suffer persecution


A.Uriah said they were “encamped in the open fields” - 11

1.the enemy had a walled city, but God’s people were in an open field our generation, evil is protected, and we have to fight for righteousness - Isaiah 5:20

B.we stand in an open field, as immorality on television shoots like a machine gun

1.Christians say, “It’s harmless;” yet it mows them down in the open field, deceiving them and stripping away their values

C.young people stand in an open field, as the fiery darts of drugs and alcohol fly at them

1.Satan deceives them into thinking it is harmless

2.they say they will not get hooked, and they laugh at the beer commercials and think they are funny

3.they are not funny, they are destroying us in the open field

D.our young people stand unprotected in the open field, as the fiery darts of promiscuity are hurled at them

1.they are mowed down with the lie, “Everyone is doing it”

2.a Christian still ought to live like a Christian; a Christian still ought to dress like a Christian

3.young people need to make a commitment to keep themselves pure

E.the fiery darts from the enemy cannot hurt us, if we are in the battle - Ephesians 6:13-14

1.if you are on the front line serving God, stay there; if you have left the front line, go back

2.young people need to enlist for duty