Isaiah 53:5


I. Intro.

A. ever since sin entered the world, healing has been a chief necessity of man

1. there was no physician in Paradise, but outside that blissful garden, individuals educated in the art of healing have been precious

2. even in the Garden Eden, there grew herbs which could yield medicine for the body of man

3. before sin came into the world, and disease which is the consequence of it, God had created plants that could soothe pain and wrestle with disease

4. while God was mindful of the body, He did not overlook the potential sicknesses of the soul

5. before the plague of sin had infected mankind, Jesus Christ was ordained before the foundation of the world to heal the sicknesses of His people

B. everywhere today, we meet with some form or other of sickness; no place is free from disease

1. as for the moral disease, it is all around us, and the remedy is everywhere within reach

2. the Beloved Physician, has prepared a healing medicine, which can be reached by all classes, in every climate, at every hour, and under every circumstance

3. the remedy is effective in every case, wherever it is received

4. today we shall speak of that Medicine; our text describes it, “with His stripes we are healed”

C. these words contain the heart of the Gospel and yet they are words for plain people, and there is no mystery in them

1. some medicines for the body are very complex, and have many ingredients in them

2. very different is the true medicine that heals the soul

3. man has devised many impotent medicines to heal the soul, but if we want to know the true way of having our souls healed, we must go to the Word of God, and study such a text as this

a) in the one case all is mysterious, and in the other all is simple and clear

b) quackery cannot live without mystery, show, ceremony and pretence; but the Truth of God is so plain and simple, that a babe may understand it

D. the words of our text are simple and plain, and tell us of the remedy that God had provided for sin

II. These Are Sad Words

A. these are sad words because they imply the existence of a disease [with His stripes we are healed]

1. this “we” includes all people, and makes it clear that all needed healing

2. those who are before the throne of God today, without spot or wrinkle, were once defiled

a) Noah, Abraham, David, Elijah, and Daniel were all once sick with the accursed condition of sin

b) all who have been saved by grace, were once heirs of wrath

c) we all were shaped in iniquity and conceived in sin

d) all who are washed in the blood of Jesus, needed that washing; all who are healed by His stripes, were greatly sick with sin

B. we are so diseased, that nothing can restore us, but the precious blood of our dear Lord and Savior

1. it is a dreadful fact, that sin has infected the entire family of man

2. we are all sinful, sinful through and through; we are all corrupt with evil passions and depraved desires

3. our fathers were fallen men and so are we, and so will our children be - Psalms 53:3

C. here is a miserable fact concerning man:  he lives as a rebel toward God, a traitor to the truth of God, as an enemy of good, and a slave of evil

1. he who was made to rule the world, does not even rule himself

2. he labors for the wages of sin, which is death

3. sin has dimmed his eyes, hardened his heart, uncrowned his head, weakened his strength, filled him with putrefying sores, and left him naked to his shame

4. the disease of sin is of the most loathsome in nature

D. if we think we are better than that, we do not know ourselves

1. it is the love of evil, that causes man to pride himself upon his excellence

2. our pride causes us to cover ourselves with the veil of self-deception

3. our evil nature hides its rottenness beneath a film of supposed righteousness

4. sin will lead to the most deadly result in due season; and there is none that can escape the damnation of Hell, apart from the remedy which God has provided

E. the disease is made worse by the fact that a man cannot feel the symptoms

1. it is one of the worst symptoms of a disease, when men become incapable of feeling it

2. sin is a very painful disease, when it is known and felt

3. it is the Spirit of God that leads a man to see the sin which is in himself; those are black days of conviction

4. let a man feel his sin for half-an-hour, and he would prefer to dwell in a pit of snakes, than to live with his sins

5. sin deceives a man, so that he does not know any better

a) none will look to the stripes of Jesus, until they feel the wounds of sin

b) when sin becomes bitter, Christ will become sweet, but only then

F. another sorrow found in our text, is sorrow for the suffering by which we are healed [with his stripes]

1. our text alludes partly to the sufferings of His body, but also to the agonies of His soul

2. the body of our Lord and Savior was bruised

3. our Lord bore more terrible stripes in His soul, for He felt the stripes of every man’s sin being laid upon His soul

a) nothing compares to how He was smitten of God, and afflicted - Isaiah 53:4

b) when God saw our sin laid upon His Son, He struck Him with cruel blows until His Son cried out, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me”

c) then Jesus was bearing all the crushing blows of vengeance, of which we read in the Prophets - Zechariah 13:7

d) it is hard to describe all the bruises, but surely it is the most sorrowful story that ever was told

III. These Are Glad Words

A. they are glad words, because they speak of healing [we are healed]

1. that healing was made possible for us, in the day that Jesus Christ died upon the Cross

2. in the moment when Christ yielded up the ghost, all our sins were put away, a full atonement was made for all men

3. He had redeemed man, the ransom price was fully paid, a complete atonement for sin was made

4. our sins ceased to be, centuries ago; our debts were paid by our Saviour, before we were born

5. He took away the handwriting of ordinances that was contrary to us, and nailed it to His Cross - Colossians 2:14

B. it does not matters how long of a list of sins we have, the debt is all discharged - 1 John 1:7

1. the only thing that keeps us from receiving the remedy for our sin is unbelief - John 3:16, 18, 36

2. the actual application of this great remedy is by faith, we must receive it individually

3. many have believed in Jesus, and by His stripes, they have been given the healing of forgiveness

C. when we come to see Jesus dying in our place, then our heart will melt with love for Him

1. then hatred for sin takes possession of the soul, and the reigning power of evil is destroyed

2. Christ’s stripes will heal us of all love for sin

3. faith in the Crucified One will heal our eyes, which once were blind

4. once "there was no beauty that we should desire Him,” but now that we have been healed by His stripes, we see nothing but loveliness in Him - Isaiah 53:2

5. the stripes of Christ will also heal our heart; “We hid as it were our faces from Him; He was despised, and we esteemed Him not,” but now our hearts delight in Him - Isaiah 53:3

6. the stripes of Christ will heal our feet also, for they were prone to evil - Isaiah 53:6

D. He forgives all our iniquities, He heals all our diseases

1. if we would be cured of any sin, no matter how great the infection, fly to Jesus’ wounds

2. His stripes are the only medicine for iniquity

3. there are no sons of men, so corrupt that the Cross of Christ cannot purge them of all evil

E. there is another joy in the text, the joy that is found in the honor which comes to Christ

1. let us lament the stripes; let us rejoice in the healing; and then let us honor the Physician

2. Jesus Christ performs real cures; we were healed when we first believed, and we are still healed

3. we have an eternal cure, for never has a man been healed by Christ, and then relapsed and died

4. with His stripes we are healed of all sin, of every kind of sin, of past sins, of present sins, and sins to come

5. we are completely healed of all, and that in a moment; not through long years of waiting, or by gradually growing better, but completely healed, even now

6. the child of God, should give glory to Christ, by declaring that He has healed them

a) this is not a “hope I am healed” cure

b) as surely as we were diseased, so surely are we healed through the stripes of our Lord Jesus

c) let us give Jesus all glory, let us magnify Him to the utmost

F. Christ, and only Christ, is the true Physician of the soul, and His stripes are the only remedy

1. a crucified Savior is the sole and only hope of a sinful world

2. if you know that Jesus has healed you, serve Him by telling others about the healing medicine

3. spread it through every nook and corner of the land; tell it to every soul you meet that “WITH HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED!”